Wellness Program

Intensive Behavior Therapy (IBT)

Wellness for Life, Making the Change

As a Pima Heart Nurse Practitioner, I am happy to provide a service that focuses on prevention and wellness. – Deborah Tanner, ACNP-BC

IBT is a wellness and risk reduction program that begins with screening for obesity in adults and using measurement of BMI. IBT also consists of dietary and nutritional assessment and provides counseling and behavioral therapy. Our goal is to promote sustained weight loss through interventions and support directed at diet and exercise.

The Wellness Program consists of these basic services:

Behavioral therapy and modification:

  • Goal Setting
  • Addressing barriers to change
  • Self-monitoring and awareness
  • Motivation
  • Strategizing how to maintain lifestyle changes

Nutrition Counseling:

  • Learning how to become a “fat burner” rather than a “carbohydrate burner” through individualized meal planning
  • Increasing physical activity and learning about the associated benefits

Qualifying Criteria:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than or equal to 30kg
  • Ideal for patients with risk factors including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension dyslipidemia, GERD and sleep apnea

For Wellness Questions, call:

Deborah Tanner, ACNP-BC