Pima Heart Mobile App

Pima Heart Mobile App

Pima Heart is proud to announce that we are the first Cardiology Practice to provide our patients with a Mobile App.

Steps to download the app:

  1. Visit the App Store in your phone
  2. Type in Pima Heart
  3. Install and open the app

This mobile app makes it easy to request appointments, prescription refills, send secure messages, recommend the practice to others or visit our website.

This is just another way we strive to make your Pima Heart experience the best it can be.

Download Pima Heart Mobile App

Plant Based Nation – Better Living Through Plant Based Eating

Presented by Dr. Sal (Salvatore J. Tirrito, MD, FACC – Pima Heart Cardiologist)

Tirrito 2012The majority of chronic diseases that plagues us as a society, whether it is cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, fatigue, you name it, all have the same root cause. Inflammation. It is this highly inflammatory state that our bodies are in all the time that breaks down our immunity, breaks down our spirit (because we feel unwell most of the time), and slowly breaks down our bodies. Unfortunately, for most people, getting older means getting sicker, losing your mobility, taking more and more medications, and generally enjoying a pretty dismal quality of life. This doesn’t have to be the case. For most of us, we can dramatically improve the quality of our lives now and as we get older by changing what we put into our mouths.

The Plant Based Nation Movement is dedicated to giving you the guidance, the information and the resources to help you along your journey to a healthier, happier, more energetic you.

To Register for upcoming seminars at www.therawcardiologist.com

Dr Stephen S. Algeo, Dr Laryenth D. Lancaster, Dr Marius M. Wagner and Dr Jerrold A. Winter have earned the prestigious honor as one of the Best Doctors in America® for 2010-2011.

Dr Stephen S. Algeo, Dr Laryenth D. Lancaster, Dr Marius M. Wagner and Dr Jerrold A. Winter have earned the prestigious honor as one of the Best Doctors in America® for 2010-2011.

Compiled by Boston-based Best Doctors, Inc., the Best Doctors in America® database is the result of an exhaustive survey of more than 45,000 physicians in the United States. Only those doctors recognized to be in the top 3-5% of their specialty earn the honor of being named one of the Best Doctors in America®.

Over the last 15 years, Best Doctors has earned worldwide acclaim for its remarkable database of physicians. The Best Doctors database is the world’s premier effort to create a validated, peer-reviewed database of excellence in medicine. The Best Doctors methodology is rigorously impartial and strictly independent. Doctors cannot pay to be included in the database and are not paid to complete the survey. The only way to be recognized as one of the Best Doctors in America® is for a doctor to earn high marks for clinical ability from his or her peers.

About Best Doctors, Inc.

Best Doctors, Inc. is the world leader in connecting people with the best medical care. Best Doctors services help dramatically improve quality of care by bringing the clinical knowledge of the world’s top specialists to the problems of people with serious medical conditions. By making sure individuals get the right diagnosis and treatment the first time, Best Doctors reduces complications and avoids ineffective treatments-and as a result eliminates unnecessary spending. Founded in 1989 by doctors affiliated with Harvard Medical School to provide doctor-to-doctor consultations for complicated cases, Best Doctors has grown into an international company providing services to 10 million people in 30 countries. For more information please visit www.bestdoctors.com

St. Mary’s Hospital and Pima Heart Physicians are awarded the Get With the Guidelines – Sustained Achievement Award by the American Heart Association.

The Get With the Guidelines Program is an evidence based hospital quality improvement program ensuring the care hospitals provide to coronary artery disease, stroke and heart failure patients aligns with the latest scientific guidelines. The award is given to hospital cardiovascular teams that deliver consistent, high quality care to cardiovascular patients following a STEMI. The quality of care is measured as achieving greater than 85% compliance in six categories:

  • ACE/ARB at discharge for LVSD
  • ASA at discharge
  • BB at discharge
  • Smoking Cessation Counseling
  • Patients with LDL> 100 that receive lipid lowering drugs
  • ASA within 24 hours of arrival

St. Mary’s Hospital and Pima Heart Physicians maintained this level of care over a two year period. Pam Borg-Jenson, American Heart Association Vice President of Quality Improvement, Pacific Mountain Division and Dot Walker, American Heart Association Executive Director, Southern Arizona presented the award to St. Mary’s Hospital and Pima Heart Physician at the Division Meeting on June 7, 2007.

Building Cultural Competency

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals awards Pima Heart the Vida Sana Healthy Life Culturally Competent Certification Program. The Pfizer program was awarded to only a small number of markets and practices. Pima Heart was honored to be selected as the recipient of the program for the Arizona Market.

The Building Cultural Proficiency Program defined effective cross-cultural communication as much more than language translation by including the need to understand cultural beliefs, values and behaviors and the impact this understanding can have on healthcare delivery. The American Medical Association is even seeking to establish cultural proficiency as the “fifth physician competency”.

The program highlighted:

  • Communicating more effectively with Spanish speaking patients
  • Understanding differences in Hispanic cultural beliefs, values and behaviors regarding health and healthcare
  • Using cultural understanding to develop skills for optimizing care for Hispanic patents.

Presenter, Miguel Martinez MD, presented building cultural proficiency as an ongoing and dynamic process at the Pima Heart Annual Employee Meeting, September 2006.