Patient Success Stories

This review was made for Pima Heart Physicians

“I am always very comfortable with Dr. Peress…I know he is an outstanding doctor…Casual and open…knows what he is doing. I feel blessed to be his patient.”

“I would not go elsewhere. Dr. Peress is the best in his field.”

“Dr. Peress and his staff are the best!”

“We Love Dr. Peress and would not trade this practice for any other”

“I was very impressed and pleased that Dr. Peress was able to diagnose my problems and come up with a solution on my very first visit. I recently ran across another patient of his who was equally impressed with Dr. Peress.”

“Dr. Lapan is excellent in his concern for his patients.”

“I would recommend Dr. Lapan and employees to anyone.”

“I really appreciate the fact that Dr. Lapan is always on time. Many doctors that I go to are always way behind schedule. Everyone in this office is very courteous and friendly.”

“Every time I go to see Dr. Lapan, it is a pleasurable experience. Dr. Lapan and all the staff are the best.”

“Dr. David Lapan and all of his staff have treated me with respect, dignity and professionalism. Thanks.”

“If you have to go to the doctor, then love going to Dr. Lapan, as he is always on time. He is very careful, direct and thorough. We appreciate the fact that our wait time to see him is always at a minimum.”

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Lapan’s since he first came to Tucson back in the 1980’s. Dr. Lapan is an excellent doctor and he keeps a great crew. I’ve recommended Dr. Lapan to many who have been his patients now for years.”

“Great treatment by a top professional.”

“The doctor explained arrhythmias very well.”

“I am so blessed Dr. Decena was at the emergency room when I went there. He is a wonderful doctor. I’m sure if it was not for him I would be dead. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.”

“I have been seeing Dr. Decena for eight years, and am very pleased with his care.”

“Dr. Decena is very good and listens to my every complaint! His assistant is excellent so sweet and kind. The office staff when I arrived is so friendly all the time, it’s nice to see people who are very good and patient when one might not feel too good. “

“I always get excellent service from Dr. Desai and his staff.”

“A very professional friendly atmosphere. I have been seeing Dr. Desai for years…it’s always a handshake and very welcoming.”

“The office has always been courteous. Dr. Desai is great and makes me feel like I am important.”

“It is always a pleasure to go there. I never wait long to see Dr. Desai.”

“I have recommended Dr. Desai to many others.”

“I have recommended Dr. Desai to many others.”

“I’m very grateful to Dr Desai & his staff for saving my life when I had a heart attack this year. My follow up visit was enlightening & very satisfactory. Many thanks to you all.”

“Dr. Desai and his staff were very accommodating and have been very helpful in helping my sister and I get our Dad’s blood pressure under control.”

“I appreciate the way that Dr. Algeo uses his knowledge to guide me. I feel that I picked a capable cardiologist.”

“Dr. Algeo is a wonderful doctor. He makes you feel so comfortable and has such a nice manner about him. Very happy he is my doctor.”

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Algeo since I had a heart attack more than two years ago. He is the best doctor I’ve ever had. I credit him with helping to save my life the day I had my heart attack, and there’s no one I trust more with my cardiac care than Dr. Algeo.”

“After 8 years Dr. Algeo and staff have never failed to give their best!”

“Dr. Algeo was very professional and answered my questions completely. I am very pleased with his service.”

“They don’t get any better than Dr. Algeo. He is always patient with my many questions/suggestions, he always listens and thinks before answering.”

“Dr. Algeo did a cardioversion on me, did an outstanding job, I am eternally grateful.”

“Dr. Bejarano was great. He was knowledgeable and a good communicator. I felt confident with his explanation of what was going on.”

“Dr. Bejarano is very sincere, caring and thorough. I feel very comfortable relying on his expertise.”

“Dr. Bejarano was very kind and helpful and explained everything in very understandable terms. The staff was always very pleasant and interested in making everyone feel comfortable and informed.”

“Dr. Bejarano had such a sense of humor and was so thorough in explanation that it made me feel relaxed and relieved.”

“Dr. Bejarano was very good, patient, kind & competent in every way.”

“Dr. Spooner answered all my questions on a level I could understand.”

“I’m very pleased with Dr. Spooner and his staff!”

“Dr. Spooner took time to listen and answer the questions my wife and I had.”

“Dr. Spooner made me feel like a person with real concerns and took me seriously. He never made me feel like I was overreacting he simply explained that yes things are weaker but overall I’m ok and that meant everything to me!”

“Dr. Spooner is a great Doctor! I really appreciate him!!”

“As a newer patient of Dr. Spooner’s I was very pleased. He had time to talk to me. I couldn’t’ ask for a more caring doctor.”

“Just continue what you’re doing. My fear of doctors and Dr’s offices greatly diminished!!! Thank you!”

“Dr. Spooner and his staff are caring professionals who are mindful of the needs of patients.”

“Many thanks to Dr. Morales and his assistant, Mary, and all other staff. What a blessing Dr. Morales is to the community and all who are in touch with him. The professionalism in diagnosis/treatment, total knowledge and follow up are wonderful.”

“Dr. Morales and Mary his assistant are outstanding. I have faith in their skills and depend on them to aid me in keeping and maintaining an active life style.”

“I have historically been dazzled by how organized and efficient the staff is on my every visit from the front desk to the visit with Dr. Morales. I actually look forward to my office visits.”

“Dr. Morales is a GREAT! Doctor. I totally trust his judgment and advice.”

“Dr. Morales has been my cardiologist for at least 8 years or maybe longer. I have always liked him in the time that I have been his pt. He is very friendly physician and he is precise.”

“Dr. Morales not only improved my father’s active lifestyle but he literally saved his life! I felt I had to be involved in all of his appointments until we switched to Pima Heart. I trust Dr. Morales with my father’s cardiology care (even when I am not at his appointment) and I cannot express how relieved I am because of this. Dr. Morales relates to his patients and treats them with the best care available. You couldn’t ask for a better physician.”

“Dr. Bose is, in my opinion, a terrific doctor and I’m thankful to know him.”

“Dr. Bose performed my quad bypass almost 11 years ago. He has my total faith.”

“Dr. Bose is an excellent surgeon and he did a wonderful job on my open heart surgery. I highly recommend him and would have him again if needed, but hopefully not. He’s very personable, and I never feel rushed with him. The staff is very nice as well.”

“I’m pleased with everything about Dr. Bose- He is the best – thanks!”

“Dr. Bose is a very good physician and made me feel totally informed and safe.”

“I was very happy with the care Dr. Bose gave to me! Thank you so very much.”

“During this whole event I never worried about the outcome. I had every confidence in Dr. Bose’s ability.”

“After many years of being Dr. Fernandez’s and Pima Heart’s patient, I would like to thank him for taking care of my heart’s health. The front office staff were very friendly and nice to the patients.”

“Dr. Fernandez is very clear in answering my questions and sensitive to my needs. Keep up the good work!”

“EXCELLENT! I sincerely wish that all of my doctors were as polite, gentleman-like, and professional like Dr. Jose Fernandez!”

“I have been a Dr. Fernandez patient for a long time. He is a great physician and a caring person.”

“All of our interactions with Dr. Fernandez have been good ones. He is an excellent physician and cares for his patients.”

“I have been with Dr. Lou Lancero 10+ years. He has always gone the extra distance to take care of me. I would not have anyone else. I would not change anything about Pima Heart!”

“Dr. Lancero is an incredible cardiologist. I know he cares about his patients health and well-being.”

“The concern and professionalism of Dr. Lancero and staff has always kept me secure and very very satisfied.”

“Dr. Lancero has been my heart doctor for many years. I don’t want to ever change doctors.”

“I have been patient of Dr. Lou for over 5 yrs. He is willing to answer all my questions, and will talk to my family, which they appreciate. Staff has always been extremely helpful.”

“Dr. Lancero was exceptional! He explained things at length in a way I understood. He really listened, great doctor!”

“I very much appreciate everything Dr. Lancero and his staff do for me, they’re great!”

“I love Dr. Mostafizi; he is friendly and I understand him. He takes his time with me.”

“Don’t change a thing-Mostafizi is great!”

“I liked Dr. Mostafizi the minute I talked to him in the Hospital, very kind and friendly, caring also.”

“Dr. Myer has always been very good at explaining all the details needed for me to understand the issues involved. He has been very good at taking the time to deal with all my questions and giving me advice.”

“Dr. Myer saved my life! He treats us like we are his parents. I’m impressed and grateful.”

“I have nothing but good feelings about my care at Pima Heart; all staff and particularly Dr. Myer. He was kind and funny and cognizant of my particular circumstances and extremely generous in this. I felt he took my symptoms seriously and made sure that I understood all he explained.”

“Dr Myer saved my husband’s life . He takes his job very serious and treats us like family.”

“Dr. Myer was awesome, very personable and treated me respectfully and put me at ease.”

“Dr. Myer is understanding, takes time to explain options & results. Best doctor I’ve seen in a long time.”

“Dr. Myer, is a wonderful, caring, understanding doctor. My husband and I can ask or say anything and he answers without making your questions sound stupid or foolish. We love Dr. Myer.”

“Dr. Myer saw me in ER and the minute he said, “I treat my patients like I want to be treated”, I knew he was good. He has proven that to me time and time again!”

“At the hospital, Dr. Thomas was outstanding. He and his staff put me at ease, talked with me throughout the procedure, excellent physician.”

“I’m very satisfied with Dr. Thomas’ care. He is an excellent doctor!”

“A big thank you to Dr. Thomas and all the personnel. They were very good and I thank you all a lot.”

“Dr. Thomas and his team in the clinic are wonderful. I appreciate very much what they do for everyone. Thank you very much!”

“Dr. Thomas’ care and concern could not be better – for many years and many visits. Thank you.”

“Very good service. All employees and doctors, especially Dr. Thomas and his medical assistant. Thanks very much.”

“We are always taken care of with polite sincere service by Dr. Tirrito and his staff. His skills are appreciated.”

“I have recommended Dr. Tirrito many times to others. He is conservative, doesn’t push meds, and is efficient in his use of time when I am with him. As a retired medical educator of physicians, I think Tirrito is a very good teacher and develops good rapport with his patients.”

“I’ve been a patient at Pima Heart for 3.5 years. It’s always a pleasant atmosphere on my visits. The staff calls you by name, Dr. Tirrito makes you feel comfortable and never rushes you. He’s always answered any questions I have. He is the best!”

“I especially like Dr. Salvatore Tirrito-he is conservative, practical and a realist. I have recommended him to all my family and friends.”

“I was able to get an appointment the same day I called. The wait time in the office was very short. Everyone I interacted with was friendly. Dr. Tirrito treated me like an intelligent person, listened to my concerns, and answered all my questions.”

“All tens. Dr. Tirrito always has time to listen and talk about my concerns, and he never makes me feel as if he is rushed to finish the appointment. He explains test results in detail and he prescribes and adjusts medications to help me best.”

“Keep up the good work. I always feel heard. Dr. Tirrito is excellent. The staff is always friendly and competent. Reception and scheduling are outstanding. The whole experience couldn’t be better. Thanks.”

“Dr. Tirrito told my father he would see him again in 5 years! Nice to have consistency. He saw my Dad at St. Joe’s 5 years ago for surgery. My dad is hard of hearing and everyone made an effort to speak to him so he understood. Thank you!”

“Dr. Winter was so patient, helpful and caring. He took the time to explain things to me and even called the hospital after my surgery to see how I was doing. I don’t know any other doctor who would do that.”

“Dr. Winter and his assistant make an excellent team! I am pleased I changed to Dr. Winter recently.”

“Dr. Winter and my primary care physician have a good working relationship. The care Dr. Winter has provided is first rate.”

“I very much like Dr. Winter. His staff has always treated my wife and I very well.”

“I feel everyone was very friendly and showed concern for my health. I would recommend Dr. Winter and Pima Heart to anyone.”

“I was very impressed with Dr. Winter and his assistant. They took the time to talk with me, explain things & answer all of my questions. “

“I was very impressed with Dr Winter and his assistant. They took the time to talk with me, explain things & answer all of my questions.”

“I’ve always been treated with the utmost care and concern by Dr. Molls. His staff are always friendly.”

“Dr. Molls is the only one who ever took me seriously. I am blessed to have him as my cardiologist.”

“With Dr. Molls, I cannot believe that there could be better care. I am thankful I was referred to Pima Heart and to Dr. Molls. Thank you!”

“Dr. Frank Molls you are my heart doctor no matter what. You are truly the best!”

“I appreciate Dr. Moll’s excellent knowledge and caring manner.”

“Dr. Katariya is an excellent MD. I’m thankful he saved my life. His work is a 10.”

“Dr. Sethi saved my life. I couldn’t possibly say thank you enough! God bless!”

“Since the time I got to know Dr. Tuli during a hospital emergency visit, I’m proud to say I have my own cardiologist one who truly cares…”

“Excellent service provided by Dr. Tuli”

“Dr. Tuli is the absolute best physician in the country!”

“I have recommended the practice and Dr. Tuli to several friends.”

“I have been very pleased with Dr. Tuli and staff on all of my visits.”

“What can I say- Ajay is the best.”

“Have always been pleased with Dr. Tuli since first meeting in 2006-and totally appreciate his quick reaction to attending to my mother in law upon my request.”

“The Dr. was very honest & upfront w/ info. He did not seem hurried. All staff members were professional. I felt Dr. Tuli took time to listen to my concerns.”

“Dr. Tuli and his staff have always been very kind and attentive. I appreciate it.”

“I have been very pleased with Dr. Tuli and staff on all of my visits. I am particularly pleased at the recommendations from Dr. Tuli for involvement of additional specialists and willingness to consider recommendations from my NMD.”

“My heart problems started in 1984-October and I have been to hospitals and cardiologist in washing, utah, Alaska, and now Arizona. Dr. Tuli and staff rate right at the top of the care and I have received.”

“Words can’t describe the confidence and trust I have for Dr. Tuli. I consider myself fortunate to have him as my cardiologist.”

“Dr. Tuli is a wonderful, caring doctor. He has a staff of caring people around him.”

“Dr. Tuli is the best, excellent at explaining procedures, never felt as if he was rushed or pressed for time. He made me feel as if I was his only patient. Need more Doctors with his bedside manner. Thanks to Dr. Tuli and his staff”

“Within 2 minutes Dr. Tuli had us in his office first thing to see Dr Tuli. We were very impressed with time. answered our questions. First class Dr!!”

“I thought Dr. Tuli and his NP were excellent as well as the staff. My husband was seeing a different cardiologist in town but now has become a patient of Dr. Tuli’s and is very happy with him as well.”