Building Cultural Competency

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals awards Pima Heart the Vida Sana Healthy Life Culturally Competent Certification Program. The Pfizer program was awarded to only a small number of markets and practices. Pima Heart was honored to be selected as the recipient of the program for the Arizona Market.

The Building Cultural Proficiency Program defined effective cross-cultural communication as much more than language translation by including the need to understand cultural beliefs, values and behaviors and the impact this understanding can have on healthcare delivery. The American Medical Association is even seeking to establish cultural proficiency as the “fifth physician competency”.

The program highlighted:

  • Communicating more effectively with Spanish speaking patients
  • Understanding differences in Hispanic cultural beliefs, values and behaviors regarding health and healthcare
  • Using cultural understanding to develop skills for optimizing care for Hispanic patents.

Presenter, Miguel Martinez MD, presented building cultural proficiency as an ongoing and dynamic process at the Pima Heart Annual Employee Meeting, September 2006.