Employee Wellness Programs

In February 2006, Pima Heart launched the first Employee Health Day. Employees and their Spouses were invited to receive 6 health measurements and a 1:1 consult to identify their risk factors and develop 6, 9 and 12 month wellness goals. Individuals achieving their milestone goals were eligible for prizes including $100 gift cards, 1:1 sessions with a Personal Trainer or Nutritionist, 10 weeks paid Weight Watchers Sessions, Treadmills and Elliptical Machines. Participants completing the 13 month program lost a combined total of 130 lbs. and combined BMI reduction of 25 points.

In June 2007, Pima Heart launched our first Employee 90 day HealthAwards Fitness Challenge. Employees received a baseline screening to measure their Waist, Body Fat and Weight. Participants then track their daily fitness activities online. Participants receive points for fitness activities and their 90 day measurement reductions in baseline measurements. Approximately 60% of the staff is participating and continues to accumulate daily fitness points. We look forward to calculating the total reductions in early September. At the completion of the program participants will be eligible to spend their accrued reward points on an online catalog with over 10 thousand products.